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FEBRUARY 13th 2020
"I farted, I farted fart boy"  for some reason Debbie keeps saying this over and over again and it's SO CUTE!  You will love the way she stands on your tippy toes and blow LONG STINKY AIR in your face over and over again.. and you will LOVE HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!  You can tell it must have felt GREAT coming out!

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FEBRUARY 5th 2020

 Nobody can fart like Debbie the DRAGON!  Watch her blow the baby powder ACROSS THE FUCKING SKY!  beware of the fire spewing out of that gigantic specimen!  THIS IS THE RETURN OF THE DRAGON!!

JANUARY 29th 2020

 these RUMBLY farts were HUGE and long..  NONE under ten seconds most of them at the 15 SECOND RANGE and some in the TWENTY SECOND RANGE!  She is teasing you in a playful way.  "are you ready fart boy?? be careful they really smell like eggs today"  so are you ready to get your face fucking POUNDED with farts??!!

JANUARY 23rd 2020

 You and your roommate Nicole HATE EACH OTHER... she is a horrible roommate and she never pays her part of the rent.  BUT you made a deal with her.  If she farts in your face ALL DAY EVERY DAY you will allow her to not have to pay rent.  YOU will pay it for her.  She HATES you.. but she does honor your agreement.  So everytime she has to fart she MUST fart in your face.  So in this clip that is what happens.  NO MATTER WHAT she is doing if the has to fart she has to rip it in your face.  SHE HATES THIS but she has no money.. so she must comply.  so after every fart she says "here's your fart, FUCK OFF"

JANUARY 16th 2020

 Debbie wants to PUNISH you today.  she is in FART SLAVE MODE.  She is breaking up her usually LONG farts into short bursts of stinky air on your nose.  and she is saying this with each fart. "take this, now take that, now take this one too"  you really pissed her off last night!!

JANUARY 7th 2020

 THIRTY FIVE FUCKING SECONDS .. has got to be the longest bubbly fart I have ever heard!  Lizzy I know had a thirty second fart but NICOLE BLAZE has broken the record! and she is so fucking cute in this vid.. dance.. shaking her ass and farting like a CRAZY WOMAN.  this is SO FUCKING INCREDIBLE!


 You and your sexy roommate Mona are in a INTENSE argument!  You are mad because she is so messy around the house and she never picks up after herself.  You guys are fighting about this but she will not listen to you.. she just keeps farting... LOUDLY and telling you to "shut the fuck up and smell this fart" and these farts are LONG and SLOPPY!  She thinks she is being rude to you... but secretly you are turned on by her constant LONG, BUBBLY farts!

DECEMBER 27th 2019

 YOU CAN TELL BY THE LOOK ON HER FACE LOOK AT THE PREVIEW PIC!  These long rumblers must have felt good coming out!  Her face looks so RELIEVED.  and you will love the things she is saying "get ready my sweet fart boy, get your nose between by round cheeks"  seriously... if you like clips like this you gotta see this.. it is SO FUCKING HOT!

DECEMBER 18th 2019

 Mona has been saving her farts all day waiting for you to get home... and she is READY TO BLOW!  Some of these farts are TEN SECONDS LONG and every time she has one she comes and rips it into your face!

DECEMBER 12th 2019

 No matter HOW POWERFUL these farts are and no matter HOW BAD they stink Selena has ordered you to not stop kissing her ass as she PUNISHES your face with fart after EXPLOSIVE fart!

DECEMBER 6th 2019

 TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN.. that is my advice to you when watching this clip.  Whenever Selena is laying on her side her farts are LOUD AS FUCK!  She is being sweet in this one.. just farting in your face. enjoy

NOVEMBER 28th 2019

Yes when you have an ass as BIG and THICK as Selena Loca you can actually get bassy farts sounds while wearing a loose fitting sundress.  Watch her twerk and jiggle these long monstrous farts all in your face!

NOVEMBER 21st 2019

Selena loves to twerk while farting because the farts sound so WEIRD and CRAZY when she does it.  These farts were very POWERFUL so they were definitely varied in sound!  now get on your knees and enjoy the show!

NOVEMBER 14th 2019

THESE FARTS SOUNDED INCREDIBLE!  Sounded like she was farting in a BOWL OF PUDDING!  Very gulpy and she said they smelled BAD like rotten cabbage.. and they were GOOD.. one after the other!  SO HOT!

NOVEMBER 7th 2019

Selena wants you to imagine her sitting on your lap as she rips LONG RUMBLY FARTS on your cock and balls.  She moves her ass around, on your lap.. cuz that helps get the gas out.  Then she rips fart after BUBBLY fart until you bust a big fat nut!

OCTOBER 28th 2019

Watching Sexy Selena's face and her facial expressions as HUGE RUMBLY FARTS ROAR OUT OF HER ASS behind her is to HOT!  I am a facial expression guy and if you are too then this is must see!  and boy oh boy the farts sound SO SEXY exploding outta her ass behind her.  I wish I was back there sniffing!

OCTOBER 21st 2019

With each GURGLEY WET FART Selena is soiling herself!
she is farting up a storm!  and with each explosive
fart she is SHARTING HERSELF but she does not care
she knows YOU LIKE IT and she is willing to LAY IN HER
OWN FILTH just to make a sexy fart video for you.  She
is making a mess and NO ONE has ever looked
hotter doing it!  SHE KEPT FARTING UNTIL
 SHE MESS HER PANTS and had to take
 them down!  then she had to run to the toilet!


With each WET SLOPPY FART Selena is soiling herself!
she is curious about your fetish and she is
asking you questions .. while farting up a storm!
 and with each explosive
fart she is SHARTING HERSELF but she does not care
she knows YOU LIKE IT and she is willing to LAY IN HER
OWN FILTH just to make a sexy fart video for you.  She
is making a mess and NO ONE has ever looked
hotter doing it!  You can even see her PANTS GETTING WET!


Back again Selena is going to FINISH OFF
this office chair with GIGANTIC BUBBLERS
that are reverberating off the seat to be
heard from miles away!  And yet again she
will show the art of the "facial expression"
as you see her pretty face and listen to


Selena is in a bad mood and she is taking it out on her poor
 computer chair!  Watch her lean to one side and
 RAT A TAT TAT vibrate the poor chair with LONG,
 WATERY BUBBLERS!  Sounding like she was performing
a drum solo outta her asshole!


Her BOOTY.. these RUMBLY farts
in that tight flowered dress!  I would do
ANYTHING to smell that HUGE
mass of flowers and material!  and these
farts were DEEP!  Sounded like she
was playing the fucking TUBA!  Oh.. and
she is CURSING YOU OUT because she
found out you were watching videos of
another model farting... so... theres that.


Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now
and then she does a compilation for me..  when
 SELENA LOCA does a simple fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She was able to capture some of the most OUT OF THIS
 WORLD DEEP AND RUMBLY farts that I ever heard!
  Sexy farts while just hanging out at the house


Sometimes a model is taken back at how HUGE
one of her farts are.  It's like they are trying to be
a brat and then they break character and marvel
at their own fart.  This is one of those times!  These
farts are so HUMONGOUS even Selena herself is shocked!


Selena is tired of your BLAH BLAH BLAH talking
You asked for POWERFUL FARTS in your face
now you are getting them so in her own words
"shut the fuck up and sniff"  These farts were
THUNDEROUS and you can tell by how they
sounded that they were RAUNCHY!

AUGUST 30TH 2019

Just added to Cotdayum.. Mean old SELENA LOCA has tied you up and she wants to PUNISH YOU WITH FARTS.  SHE WILL NOT STOP FARTING IN YOUR FACE UNTIL YOU STOP BREATHING! she had AFRICAN FOOD tonight and her farts are AWFUL!  She will come and fart in your face OVER AND OVER AGAIN until you are unconscience.  She farts.. then walks way.. then comes back to rip another LONG WARBLER right on your nose..  over and over  again.. until you are bye bye

AUGUST 25TH 2019

BASSY TUBA FARTS one after the other.. right on your
nose.. right in your face.. over and over and over
 again.. can you handle this?!

AUGUST 18TH 2019

Watch Sexy Debbie drink milk from a big
glass and then FART IT OUT through her
intestines right into your face.  That's right
she is lactose intolerant and milk gives her
WICKED GAS!  She drinks the milk and once
it processes she blows it right into your nose!
later in the video she eats some STINKY CHEESE
which becomes even stinkier when she is farting
it outta her ass into your face and mouth!!

AUGUST 10TH 2019

THESE FARTS ARE SO INCREDIBLE!  Usually you don't equate BASS with naked farts but Selena can make the DEEPEST most RUMBLY farts with her naked buttcheeks.  in this POV fantasy you have paid her 5k to fly to your town and fart in your face for THREE DAYS!  In this scene she has just arrived and you guys are at the hotel.. she has been holding in farts ALL DAY and BLASTING YOUR FACE to OBLIVION one fart after the other as you talk and get acquainted.  and OMG these farts are so THUNDEROUS you will not believe it is simply her BARE BUTT!  this just posted to the website CotDayumm see also BrattyGurlz and VeronicaSecretz


Selena told me she has not taken a dump on 4 DAYS!  She is very BACKED UP and very VERY BLOATED!  She says she has enough gas to fly to the moon!  Problem is she is having trouble getting the gas out so she showed me the BEST POSITION for farting.  She bends over a counter and pokes her ass out and FARTS CONSTANTLY fart after fart after LONG MOOO'ING FART!  They just keep COMING and COMING!  and because she is BACKED UP she says they smell HORRIBLE!  She says the HORRIBLE SMELL fills the room almost instantly!  Her ass is like a FLAME THROWER right now..  imagine sitting behind her!!!

JULY 26th 2019

wearing jean booty shorts and ripping the
the fart world has ever seen!  Ladies and gentlemen
were are at the dawn of the JEAN FART APOCALYPSE!

JULY 18th 2019

In this fart fetish fantasy you and Debbie have lost all your money and you guys live in your car.  but WHO CARES?!  all she does is fart for you all day and HOT BOX the vehicle with her stinky gas!  She farts ALL DAY so the car WREAKS and she even jerks you off at the end.  who needs a house when you have this lifestyle?!

JULY 10th 2019

COTDAYUM!  After you hear these long..
one after the other coming outta
You too will be BEGGIN 4 LEGGIN'S
JULY 3RD 2019

People don't know this but Nicole Blaze is a gamer chick and she loves to play "For Honor" and "Assasins Creed"  she is also a live streamer... so watch her sit.. do a live stream.. and rip LONG WATERY FARTS for  her followers to hear.. she is not in fetish model mode.. she is just being a regular GAMER GIRL with bad gas and some of the LONGEST BLUBBERIEST FARTS ever!  "I just farted did you guys hear it?"

JUNE 22ND 2019

You and Penelope have lost ALL OF YOUR MONEY
and you are now living on the streets.  But it's ok
because at least you have each other.  All you guys
do is lay around your FART FORT that you live in
she farts all day and sucks your dick.  Who needs
a house?!  who needs money and food?!  All I need
is Penelope and her LONG BUBBLY FARTS!