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this is the WORLD FUCKING PREMIERE of those big round PERFECT tits we have been waiting to see!!  Watch Mufasa GUZZLE DOWN BEER and rip DEEP TUBA BELCHES all in your face.. with great farts too and of course those fucking WATER BALLOONS that she calls tits!!!!  Look out LOVEROCHELLE2 Mufasa is the HOTTEST FETISH MODEL IN THE FUCKING WORLD!!!


Please wear dirty white socks in sneakers with panties and leggings. Be very gassy and fart really big and huge sometimes comment after farting. Walk up stairs farting deep and bassy with every step and fanning butt "I'm so gassy. My penis is at the bottom of screen(for when you lay down on belly your feet will stroke it) come in room. Walk in room farting long and deep. "I'm so fucking gassy. (fart again, a really long one then fan butt) "Babe your so hard. (rub belly then fart) I cant give you a footjob, I got stinky feet again." Slip off a shoe and itch socked foot in hand and on leg while letting out long bellowing farts. Do same with other foot saying "I have a really bad case of stinky feet. Uhh between the toes" Sit and stretch feet out by camera and fart then itch feet with hands. "My feet are soo sweaty baby. (Put foot up to camera) You smell that? My feet smell awful? (laugh) I see you like those sweaty socks. (briefly rub penis) Yeah I wore them for many days now. (fart) Babe put it away." Stroke dick (lick lips) with socked feet. "Oops, sorry. (laugh) (itch between toes and fart) Stroke dick again with feet. "You like this baby huh. My size 9 feet. They are sweaty. (fart) Or is it my gas? Lay on belly and start sock job and keep farting and tease talking, sometimes talking about stinky feet, sometimes talking about being so gassy. take off pants and socks and lay socks next to you. Lay on belly giving foot job while farting. End sit up and itch between toes with fingers. "Sorry baby, I got to get this gas out. (fart) We will come back to this later. Fart some more. Take these socks or I am are putting them in washing machine." Put socks to camera. Wave bye with toes and a fart.

Well the queen NAILED this idea!  nice DEEP AND BASSY muffled farts VIBRATING OFF THE FLOOR!  this is PART ONE of this great great custom idea! THIS IS PART 3!


Penelope has been seeing me for a while behind her boyfriend's back mainly because her bf is very controlling and just an overall asshole toward her, whereas I am an outgoing and noble man. However, most importantly, I have a large dick which makes her horny as fuck, and I enjoy her big smelly ass and her bassy gas, something that her boyfriend never appreciated which makes it something else that Penelope especially hates about him. When I come around to see her this time though, she managed to tie her boyfriend up, and plans to cuck him by having him eat her big smelly ass while she sucks my dick, and then having him watch us have amazing fart sex together. I enter Penelope’s house to find her bare ass naked in the living room with her boyfriend tied next to her. (The first scene starts here) I enter the living room and she greets me with an AMAZING KISS, one of the best she’s given me, while we’re kissing she tells me that she is so excited and wet for tonight, as well as that I can PLAY WITH HER ASS while we smooch, and her bf isn’t going to be able to do this to her anymore. Oh, and yes, she begins to slip out some NICE BASSY FARTS during our kissing too. After we complete our kiss, she tells me to make myself comfortable and gestures to the black leather living room chair, so I obey and take a seat, but not before making myself comfortable by stripping out of my attire. (The second scene starts here) The sight of my already hard dick is certainly more than enough to get Penelope absolutely horny and naughty, as well as on all fours approaching my member, all the while ordering her bf to get behind her, so that he can lick her nice farting ass. Penelope then begins to SUCK MY COCK while letting those SPECIAL BASS FILLED FARTS, I love so much, loose in her boyfriend’s face. She humiliates him during the blowjob by stating things like: “You will never get a blowjob from me ever again!”, “That’s right, you bitch, eat my stinky farts!”, “Your shrimpy dick doesn’t even compare to his dick!” “You’re just a piece of junk that cleans my ass now!”, “I hate that you don’t like my farts!”, “Deal with it you pussy!”, “You will never again have this kind of fun with me!”, etc. On the other hand, she praises and encourages me by saying things to me like, “Oh, I just love your big dick”, “You like the smell of my farts?”, “I love that you enjoy my bassy farts”, “You like it when I fart for you while I suck your cock, don’t you baby?”, “You’re so nice, and he is such an ass!”, “Your dick is getting harder for me”, “As soon as you’re ready baby, I want you to fuck me!”, “Smell my nice stinky onions baby, so you can fuck me real good!”, etc. Not only this, but every so often she looks up at me to give me a playful wink, before going back to town on my dick while her dirty words, and special bassy farts keep on coming. Then, as soon as my cock is throbbing nicely, she tells me, “I want it baby! I am so fucking wet and horny now, so let’s fuck”. With that we head to the bedroom, while dragging bf along with us so he can watch us have our SPECIAL FART FILLED SEX. (The third scene starts here) As soon as we enter the bedroom, she gets down and bends over the side of her bed, in DOGGY POSITION, so she can receive my stiff shaft. As soon as I enter her pussy, she lets out a moan of ecstasy, and of course one of those special bassy farts and I BEGIN TO FUCK HER. We start out slow for the first half of this position, so that way Penelope can really show off what those nice and big meaty ass cheeks can do, since she occasionally GRINDS AND SLAPS her ass, and all the while Penelope fires away more of those SPECIAL BASSY FARTS and she even occasionally glances over to me to give me a sexually charged wink. Also, during our sensual sex, she humiliates bf by saying things like, “You see, you little bitch, He knows how to treat a woman”, “You see this pussy, it’s His now”, “I couldn’t even feel your itty-bitty cock during the pathetic times we had sex”, “Your dick didn’t even last a few seconds in my pussy”, “This amazing ass you see, it belongs to Him”, “You will never be allowed to play with my ass again”, “Oh, by the way, you’re never having sex with me again”, “ All you will ever be is a cucked piece of junk”, “He knows how to pound me, you never even got the chance”, etc. When she praised and encouraged me, during our passionate fuck, she said things like, “Oh my god, your dick feels so good!”, “I love farting on your cock while you fuck me”, “You love smelling these stinky farts while you fuck me?”, “You love my big stinky ass, don’t you?”, “This big ass is yours baby, so do whatever you want to it”, “You want me to slap my ass for you, honey?”, “Do you want me to grind my juicy ass on your cock?”, “fuck me, baby, while I fart for you”, “You’re fucking the farts right out of me, honey”, “I can twerk for you too baby, would you like that?”, “You feel so better than he ever did”, “Give me that dick, honey”, etc. Hearing the words coming out of her mouth, as well as smelling and hearing those special bassy farts, I love, and seeing her big beautiful ass shifting back and forth while her pussy takes it is simply irresistible, but soon we get to a consistent and more mid-paced speed and it is here when she can bounce, and periodically TWERK her meaty bass farting ass on my cock, all the while talking dirty to me, and humiliating her boyfriend throughout. She soon tells me that I can have her body whenever I wish, and fuck her whenever I have the desire or urge, and it is soon after this when she tells me that she wants to speed things up and ride me, so we both get on the bed to continue our hot fart sex experience. (The final scene starts here) Penelope mounts me FROM BEHIND, and RIDES ME HARD. She bounces and grinds her farting ass all over my cock, and tells me to smack it and pound it as she is as horny as a girl can be by now. Eventually, she puts the speed into overdrive as she is close to cumming, and now says things like, “You like it when I fart on your dick?”, “Keep going, baby”, “I want to cum all over your nice big dick”, “I’m so close, honey” “that’s so good, babe”, “I’m gonna cum all over you while I fart”, “Oh, I’m gonna cum!”, etc. After a few more wild farts and smacks to her ass, SHE EXPLODES all over my dick, and realizing that I haven’t nutted, she suggests that on this particular occasion, I should explode in her pussy and IMPREGNATE HER with more of those farts coming out of that big ass, so she TWERKS on my dick while BEGGING, nearly to the point of DEMANDING, ME TO CUM, and not long after, I shoot my creamy load DEEP INSIDE HER. After our amazing fart filled intercourse, she gets up and tells her boyfriend that she never wants to see him again, as she is going to live with me instead where she can be treated by a real man who has her best interests. She then ends the clip by telling me that she is so glad that we are going to be starting a family, she has me in her life, and that she is going to take a shower, but teases me by stating that perhaps we can have round two in there, followed by one final playful wink.

Have you ever seen a hot chick rip NASTY WET FARTS while performing the SILLOUETTE CHALLENGE!???  if you don't know what it is..  google it.  if you do you will be very horny after watching the sexy MUFASA do the FART FETISH VERSION of the famous tik tok  SILLOUETTE CHALLENGE! (also has POV SEX ending!)


FUCK!!!  Santana Redd farted over 20 seconds 3 times in this video!  My customer wanted another compilation of farts in the black pants and once again Santana fucking Delivered!  the farts in this clip are so FUCKING LONG!  and these farts sound EXTRA DEEP!! this is part 2 of his compilation!


You have just come home from a hot date with your boyfriend... you are going to take a quick shower so you guys can have sex, you are in the shower... farting and soaping up your big round ass.....after about a min... your bf has snuck into the shower with you and has gotten behind you and is eating your ass from the back while you both are in the shower and you are farting in his mouth...you are a little shocked at first but then you keep farting.. and you start talking dirty... "eat that ass daddy... feels so good" keep talking dirty.. moving your ass around in a circle while your man is back there eating it.. as he eats your ass you are ripping DEEP BASSY farts in his mouth and at the end say "kiss me baby"  look into the camera and begin kissing your bf .... and say these things..."oh daddy... I like the taste of my ass and pussy on your lips" "you almost made me cum because of how good it felt" continue kissing and farting while you kiss and play with your ass and smack it...end by saying "I really want your dick in my mouth" suck your boyfriends dick.. POV style... while farting too... next is POV sex.. in the shower.. your bf is hitting it from the back... at a sexy angle showing off your ass.. standing up in the shower..as you thrust back and forth.. fart of course... and smack your ass... and talk dirty... until you both came together at the same time.... smack your ass a lot.. and hard! end by saying...."this experience was amazing, we should dirty ourselves in the shower more often" and btw I am not on birth control and I hope I get pregnant from that so we can start a family"  this is PART ONE of this fantastic custom video!
farting in public is a dangerous game my friend and once again DAKOTA was ripping LOUD farts in public when all of a sudden she got BUSTED again!  now it is time to get outta dodge.. cuz it stinks in here!!

Your gassy girl friend is in the PERFECT POSE for you to lay down beside her and sniff her WARM EGGY POOTS!  and THIS POSE is giving her farts a very SEXY SOUND!!!  you will LOVE these farts!!

Dakota is the QUEEN of farting in PUBLIC!  it does not matter who is around she will still LET THEM RIP without a care in the world.. cuz she's dat bitch!!

Watch Dakota walk around the market
and fart in front of everyone without
 one care in the entire world!

Dakota is on a short get away with friends and decided to fart in public at the hotel. well she farted SO LOUD that the hotel security heard it and started following her and questioned her about her actions!!

these farts were so long and rumbly and some were 12 SECONDS LONG!  all the poses you like in SKIN TIGHT DENIM JEANS!

Mufasa and Dakota always have fun sniffing each others farts.. but it's all fun and games until one of them rips a REAL STINKER!  this time it was MUFASA who melted Dakota's poor nose!

hey those are HER WORDS!  I did not say it.. but yes she starts off the clip telling you NO BODY is better than her in the fart game and then she shows you EXACTLY WHY in this SUPER FART COMPILATION!!

Mufasa is horny and she wants you inside of her!  inside of her ASS that is!  she is farting EXPLOSIVE WET farts and they are making her asshole very dirty!  so your COCK will slide right on in there!!

Your cute gf Mufasa has some real STINKY farts today.. and she is upset that your nose is not BURIED in her ass right now.. so she wants you to get down there on the floor with her and SNIFF AWAY.. your missing it!

Santana wants you on your knees NOW so she can fart and shart all over your tongue and mouth!  be careful she is ripping some wet and messy ones today!  and she is in FART SLAVE mode!!

no custom fantasy here..  I just asked the great Santana Redd to make a simple fart comp for me.. aka  whenever you have to fart record them all over a 3 day period.. and this comp is the fucking BOMB!!

You are about to eat Santana's ass and enjoy some smelly farts but first she most warn you.. she just got off the toilet from taking a MEGA DUMP and also warns you "you can still probably smell it on her asshole" but of course this does not deter you from eating her ass and sniffing that wonderful gas!

FUCK.. these farts were fucking LONG!  just about all of them were in the 20-30 second range and they are back to back in this clip!  Now just imagine kneeling behind Debbie as she MELTS YOUR FACE with her ABNORMALLY LONG stinky rippers!

you may not be able to stand the smell of Santana's farts tonight.. the smell is UNBEARABLE likely because of the 3 EGG OMELOTTE she had for breakfast..  so buckle up and get ready because you requested this and she is ready to fart in your face all night long!

MY STEP MOM IS ACTING WEIRD AGAIN...  every time I walk into a room she says "hey son pull my finger" and when I pull it a LONG MULTI-TONED FART comes out!  she thinks it is funny.. I do too but I don't know why she is always farting around me.  I mean EVERYTIME I pull her finger she pushes out a long PARRP!

SANTANA REDD recently found your stash of FART PORN videos.. she explains to you that she was "mad at first" but now she is ok with it because she does not have to hold her own farts in around you anymore... as a matter of fact she explains to you that she has to fart "right now" then she tells you you can "sniff it" then she slides her body around so you can bury your face in her ass.. and she rips a LONG MULTI TONED FART that sounds like a HOT STINKY AIR howling..  again she tells you you can "sniff it" she talks sweet to you.. "do you like it?  how does it smell?" she does this a couple times and it is fucking HOT all the farts are DEEP AND BASSY... and her ass.. OMG her ass looks so good!  you have NEVER seen a clip like this!

THE QUEEN OF FARTS is ready to break another WORLD RECORD FART but this time she wanted to BLOW YOU while she gives it a shot!  she strokes your cock and starts to suck on it and then she starts to push... a 15.. a 20,, more farts in the 20 SECOND RANGE when finally she does it... a 35 SECOND FART all while your cock is in her HOT WET mouth!  SHE HAD RIPPED A ONE MINUTE FART once before so this one is like second or third.. but MAN this fucker was LONG!  and you came in her mouth just as she broke the record!!

Santana takes on the VIRAL TICK TOCK CHALLENGE of trying to predict what your fart is going to sound like.  She says in the video.. "guess my fart".. then she predicts exactly what sound she thinks her farts will make and then she pushes it out.  She was pretty close in her predictions too.. the only mistake she made was not making her predicted farts LONG enough.. cuz these bad boys were long deep and sexxy!!

You are hanging out with your SILLY friend and roommate Nicole and you guys are just hanging out talking about random stuff.  Suddenly she lifts her legs and starts blowing LONG AIRY RUMBLY GAS right into your face and WAVING THE BAD SMELL over to your nose and LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY about it.  she is having so much fun TORTURING YOU with her AIRY SMELLY GAS.. and she does it over and over again saying things like "Oh yeah baby!"  after each fart.. man she is really having fun with her farts today!  some of them were 15 seconds long too!  you will love her facial expressions!

Debbie has put on weight and her favorite jeans DO NOT fit anymore!  She put them on to fart for us and MAN O MAN these farts sounded INCREDIBLY BUBBLY AND DEEP!  The FART AIR is trapped and has nowhere to come out so these farts sounded EXTRA low toned and tuba-like!!

after punishing you in TIGHT JEANS she lays down in between your legs and gives you a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME sloppy blow job while ripping MONSTER FARTS as she bobs up and down on your hard cock.  you will LOVE as she looks right in your eyes, slobs on your cock while blasting GODZILLA TYPE BLASTS outta her round ass sticking up in the back ground.... there is NO WAY you will get thru this whole fucking clip.... NO....FUCKING.. WAY!!!


This was his script of what he wanted...

Debbie wanted to see if you could handle her explosive bubbly dutch oven farts, she loaded up with lots of gassy foods and can't wait to blast your face off.

What to wear:
different pairs of panties
Have big and bold face reactions

Examples of what i would like her to say:

One......Two ooooohhhhh (brrrrrrrrppp)   God DAMMMm Excuse me

Ohhh you better sniff this ive been holding this one in for awhile NOWWW HMMPPPH (BRA

Ooohhh noo... this one might  make  you passout  hmmmph (Brraapph)

Open your mouth this is gonna be an explosion baby (BRRPPPP) wheww excuse me

these farts are HUGE and SUPER POWERFUL!  she really brought this fantasy to life!!!

if you would like your very own custom fantasy email us at info@cworldent.com

FORTY FIVE FUCKING SECONDS .. has got to be one of the longest bubbly farts I have ever heard!  Lizzy I know had a thirty second fart and DEBBIE set the record with a 55 second fart so this one is the SECOND LONGEST fart in fart history!  Once again she has broken a record! and she is so fucking cute in this vid.. she looks right into the cam and says "I am going to break my own record today" at the beginning of the video then she lays on her side and GOES TO TOWN!!  this is SO FUCKING INCREDIBLE!

In this final scene Debbie is relaxing at the end of the night, talking to her best friend on the phone and telling her friend about these INCREDIBLY LOUD gassy farts she has been having all day.. well, she was ripping them during the whole conversation so she did not have to explain to much.. they were so LOUD and LONG that her friend could surely hear them!  She just laid there, laughed and farted CONSTANTLY has both her and her friend giggled on the phone.  Finally at the end of the clip she undresses and gets ready to lay down for bed... STILL farting every step of the way!


He wanted the MOST POWERFUL farts Debbie has ever ripped.. he wanted her to eat BROCCOLI so she ate TWO WHOLE BAGS!  she as so FULL OF GAS it was INSANE!  the customer wanted her to say "it's coming.. here it comes" before every fart and he wanted to her react with ENTHUSIASM as she was pushing out these MONSTERS!  when I tell you these are some of the GREATEST FARTS EVER!!!  you must trust me!!!!

This is a GREAT scenario..  you have a BAD FART FETISH and your girls farts really turn you on!  BUT you are sometimes embarrassed to TRULY indulge in that stinky gas...  BUT  when she is on the phone you can TRULY enjoy her farts!  she is talking to her girlfriend.. she is not focused on YOU...  you and SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF away and not feel "weird" because she is not paying you any attention. you can REALLY bury your face in there and STROKE YOUR COCK while she farts because she is focused on her PHONE CALL and not YOU!  She does occasionally look back at you after a REALLY BIG ONE just to give you a smile and a wink.. MAN I love when this happens.. it is so HOT and an amazing POV fantasy!

THESE FARTS WERE FUCKING INCREDIBLE!  I think she blew her WHOLE ASSHOLE out and it fell on the floor!  Her ass has NEVER looked better and at the end of this clip she asks you....


then she gives you a ONCE IN A LIFETIME POV blo-job!!

Debbie filmed ALL OF HER FARTS over the span of a week! lots of HUMONGOUS FARTS with very little lag time in between..  I told her to film EVERY TIME SHE FARTED because I wanted to hear all of them over the span of a WHOLE WEEK!  and she did not disappoint!  and as a big THANK YOU for watching her ONE WEEK FART COMPILATION she gives you a sloppy POV blowjob at the very end of this clip!!

FUCK FUCK FUCK these are some of the GREATEST FARTS I HAVE EVER HEARD!  as soon as you start this video you will want to JERK OFF RIGHT AWAY!  OMG her ass in those TIGHT COLORFUL LEGGINGS!  and these LONG, BLUBBERY, WATERY GURGALLY WHOPPERS!! YOU WON'T GET THROUGH THE FIRST MINUTE!!!! so many farts in this one.. and she is teasing you.. WAVING THE SMELL OVER TO YOU.. so MOTHERFUCKIN' HOT!!!!

These THICK COTTON SHORTS are her favorite because the smell of her STINKY FARTS will LINGER in that fabric for HOURS and BE CAREFUL she warns you.. they are really BAD today.. she has never had FARTS THIS BAD so she is giving you FAIR WARNING before you BURY YOU NOSE IN THOSE CHEEKS!  and just to make you feel better she give you a WET AND SLOPPY BLOWJOB at the end of this GLORIOUS clip!

DEBBIE IS HUNGRY FOR YOUR CUM!  She wants it right now.. so she is going to rip LONG BUBBLEY FARTS in your face over and over again until you EXPLODE IN HER MOUTH so she can taste your cum!

THIS IS A BIG BOOTY FART LOVERS DREAM!  Watching Debbie shake that big sexy ass and rip nearly 20 SECOND LONG FARTS as she SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE'S that big ol booty!  so FUCKING HOT!  every time she MOVES she FARTS!  dance fart dance fart every time she moves she PARPS!!

Debbie is very sick this morning.  She is PUKING in the toilet and making a FARTY SHARTY mess in her jeans!  These farts are so WET you know she had DIARRHEA in her cheeks... but yet you are so turned on by her ROUND ASS and LONG MESSY FARTS that you are still back there sniffing them.  She tells you "go away, I am very sick" and you can HEAR THE BARF splashing in the toilet.. but you are STILL SNIFFING FARTS from her ass.. for this she calls you a "sick pervert".. and hey.. I kinda agree with her.. sicko!

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Nicole explains to you that for the small price of
five thousand dollars she will fly anywhere in
the world and come and rip 15 SECOND FARTS
on your nose and mouth for 3 days straight!
then she demonstrates on a teddy bear exactly
how she will do it ripping 10 and 15 second farts
over and over again on his poor little nose!
So whose got 5k to spend??

see also Disturrbia see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross  see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume
We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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My CRAZY roommate is at it again and THIS TIME she is farting so crazy sounds like she is going to BLOW HER ASSHOLE OUT!  MAN these farts were POWERFUL and she had NO IDEA WAS WAS FILMING HER!  She was cleaning the house, dancing and just FARTING LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN!!

see also Disturrbia see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross  see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

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and we are now offering custom videos!
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Nicole Blaze took on DRAKESS famous "toozie slide" dance challenge and she did a pretty good job at learning this dance sensation!  the problem is.. SHE COULD NOT STOP FARTING!  and these were powerful farts too.. they SOUNDED LIKE THEY HURT! she had a POWERFUL FART for almost every step!  RIGHT FOOT UP LEFT CHEEK BRUUUUMPH LEFT FOOT UP RIGHT CHEEK BRAPPPPPPPTSSSSZZ!

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Alot of people have attempted the hashtag somethingnew challenge on Social Media but I bet no one has ripped 20 SECOND BUBBLY FARTS while doing the cool dance.. only the QUEEN OF FARTS can do that!!!

see also Disturrbia see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross  see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz and TheLegionofPlume

We are celebrating 15 years in business
and we are now offering custom videos!
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Your SEXY ROOMMATE Nicole Blaze tell you to "go away from me, I have bad gas"  BUT you tell her you LIKE the smell of female farts.. she is surprised and tells you it's "kinda weird" but she still lets you sniff every BUBBLY, LONG WATERY fart that comes outta her ass.. and in this ROOMMATE FANTASY these are ONCE IN A LIFETIME type of farts she is ripping!!

see also TheLegionofPlume see also DroppingApples see also MiAmorrr see also GassyGirlsNextDoor see also  JackDaRipper see also CworldEntt see also RottenOnionz see also Miamorrr see also GirlsGoneGross see also Disturrbia see also PrincessOffarts RottenOnionz BrattyGurlz