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well COT DAYUM! In this clip her farts are so deep and Powerful that she had an accident in her butt cheeks. She asks you politely to stick your tongue in there and clean it up for her!

 well COT DAYUM! 
 Once again! in red fucking LATEX! 

 these long MULTI TONED farts were hard for Santana to push out! when she farts..

"fuck fuck... yess... yess. fuck fuck fuck.. feels so good pushing these out.. fuck fuck... yes.. yes yes" as she pushes out each fart

well COT DAYUM! watching the queen of farts dance around the apartment is SO HILARIOUS!  she was farting like a fucking CRAZY WOMAN!!! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ! they came EXPLODING outta her ass with every funny dance move! BRUMMMPPPHHHP BRUMMMPPPHHHP PRRPPZ!  The amazing qof is back!

part 2 well COT DAYUM! 

While blowing them in your face Santana describes her long deep Bassy gas! Saying things like,

"why do they sound so deep? Sounds like a tuba or a trombone. That sound really makes your dick hard doesn't it? Sounds like a cow going m o o. Why do they sound like that? I know you like that sound!"

part 6- COT DAYUM! this time Rocsi is back at it in TIGHT JEANS! these long farts are EXTRA DEEP and BASSY! like a  MOOSE CALL or a cow going MOOOOOOOO!  deep and long and with a sexy sigh of relief after every drawn out blast!

COT DAYUM! Rocsi places that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

part 7 well COT DAYUM! Watch Rocsi place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD MORNING GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

well COT DAYUM! your STEP-MOM wants you to rub her back for her and she promises to rip a LOUD FART in your face because she knows you like her big farts!

COT DAYUM! well Dakota likes farting in guys faces so she asks YOU her STEP-BROTHER to bury your face into her ROUND ASS after these long bubbly farts... it really turns her on and she does not care that you are her step-brother and tells you "hurry before step-mom gets home"

COT DAYUM! Santana Redd wants to make all your fart fetish dreams come true!  she welcomes you to FART FETISH WORLD and farts for you in sexy poses in tight tight jeans while dancing slow and sexy and ripping LONG DEEP GASSY FARTS!

PART 2! well COT DAYUM! Rocsi is surprised to hear that you like sniffing girls butts after they fart!  she thinks it is disgusting but she is willing to do it for you to make you happy!

well COT DAYUM! the QOF is punishing your nose with long wet farts that are EXTRA STINKY because of the eggs she had for breakfast.. she asks you if they are "bad" but she really doesn't care if they are or not!

well COT DAYUM! come quickly! Your step-mom has a really big fart she wants to blow in your face!  but you must be quick cuz she as been holding these farts in for you! and after you smell them she wants you to stroke your cock and cum for her!
well COT DAYUM! these jean farts sound SO SEXY!!! THIS IS SO HOT! have you ever heard a cow go MOOOOO!? well that is what these farts sounding like! followed by a long SIGH OF RELIEF....  SO SEXY!...THE GREATEST FART MODEL TO EVER WALK THE EARTH with MEGA BLASTS while touching herself! with the GREATEST FARTS EVER FUCKING RIPPED!  the queen is fucking BACK!

well COT DAYUM! ROCSI loves you SO MUCH! not only does she tell you how much she loves you with her words... her ass is also telling you with HUGE TUBA BLASTS how much she loves you!! BURRRRNNNNTT!

well COT DAYUM! your step-mom is in the other room relaxing and you keep hearing these LONG DEEP TROMBONE farts coming from her ass.  you go into the room and she tells you you can "sniff them if you want" because your step-dad is not home right now!

PART 2 OF NEW GODDESS JENN! THESE FART SOUNDS ARE INSANE! long deep TUBA FARTS in black leather as Goddess Jenn teases you and makes you BEG FOR THEM!

A FUCKING THIRTY FIVE SECOND FART!  Sexy Santana Redd wanted to see if she could break her WORLD RECORD fart and right out of the gate she hits us with a 35 SECOND FART! amongst other LONG RIPS in this clip!

shaking out those LONG BUBBLY FARTS all in your face... sexy ROCSI got that thang THANGIN' blowing long EVE TABOO farts all in your face!

JEAN FART SOUNDS WITHOUT THE JEANS!  this is a JERK OFF INSTRUCTION video from Rocsi and you will be stroking your cock to her LONG BUBBLY morning farts! follow her instructions!  time to begin!

Once again your gassy girlfriend Santana Redd is willing to fart for you!  although she is trying to understand why you are so turned on by girls farting.  in this hot clip she asks you.....

"again? what is it with you and farts?? they stink so bad how can you put your face in that... its ok honey.. if you like it that is all that matters" "oh yea.. fuck yea.. fuck fuck fuck"  "smell my fart baby?? my farts smell rotten tonight.." "oh.. my... gawd.... yes.. yes yes.... feels so fucking good getting that out"

in this hot POV video Santana Redd tells you.....

"sniff it.. put your nose in the fabric of the pants.. isn't my butt so soft?" "sniff that fart. the smell will stay for a long time in my velvet pants... the smell will stay for one hour!! ..... bury your nose in that fart.. my ass will make all your stinky dreams come true.. so get ready to smell my farts all night"

in this CUSTOM FANTASY your roommate Santana has NOT been paying her part of the bills and she also has NOT been farting in your face like she promised she would.  So to teach her a lesson you LOCKED THE BATHROOM DOOR!  she NEEDS TO TAKE A MEGA DUMP but you have LOCKED HER OUT OF THE BATHROOM and she CANNOT STOP FARTING! she is just about to DUMP IN HER PANTS when she decides to drop her HUGE LOAD in a nearby trash can.  she is SO PISSED at you for locking the bathroom she decides to DUMP THE TRASH CAN on your head at the end.. for revenge!

THESE FARTS ARE IN THE 15-20 RANGE! she is ripping MONSTER farts in her new latex pants right on your nose and then she wants you to eat her DAMP MUSTY ass after each fart so she takes her pants down for you and spreads her cheeks! 

(WHAT DO THE FARTS SOUND LIKE?) well these farts were mostly CRACKLEY.  Bubbley.. kinda like that BIG BERTHA sound we all love!  the pants are tight on her ass so the air can BARELY ESCAPE her butt cheeks which makes for really DEEP MUFFLED sounds!


"don't move.. stay right there (fart) oh yea.. that's it (fart) fuck they feel so good coming out (fart) don't move ..don't move... keep your nose right there (fart) oh fuck yes"

she is making sexual noises.. she is REALLY enjoying farting in your face! again she says..

"yea.. yea... oh yea... ohhhhhhhh... yes baby, right there.. don't move don't move.. (fart)"

in this CUSTOM FANTASY you are laying behind your girlfriend while she TALKS ON THE PHONE to her friend and she keeps ripping LONG GULPY BRITTNEY MOORE type farts in your face!  look at the preview pic, she even looks back at you occasionally to giggle with you when she rips a really GOOD ONE in your face!!

Fennixx farts are coming out with such POWER if you look closely at her ass you can see the LATEX PANTS VIBRATING when she pushes each of these farts out!  she is the fucking QUEEN of farts! BERRRMMMTT!

IN HER BLACK LATEX PANTS Fennixx is busying cleaning when you hear the most INSANE FARTS EVER from the other room!  BRUMMMMMMPPPPHH...  PERRRRRNNNNNTTTT... BUUUURRRRNNNNZZZZZZ!!!! She wants privacy because she is embarrassed.. you come in to smell her farts she tells you .. "man, what the fuck is wrong with you?? can't you see I am cleaning.. my ass sounds like a crazy monster right now!.. this whole house smells like BROCULLI!"  she wants you to GO but of course you STAY.. fuck them long BLUBBERY FARTS are driving you CRAZY and yes they WREAK of BROCULLI!!!

Fennixx is in FART SLAVE mode today ripping long BUBBLE TASIC FARTS! then bringing her ass over to your face and ORDERING YOU to sniff it.. saying...  "YES THAT'S IT...INHALE THAT FUCKING FART! THAT IS THE ONLY AIR YOU WILL GET TODAY IS FART AIR! NOW FUCKING SNIFF IT! DON'T YOU DARE WASTE IT!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY Fennixx is farting DIRECTLY IN YOUR FACE in LATEX PANTS and they really stink today.  after every series of farts she bends down to check on you to see if you are still enjoying the smell!  then she continues to fart after putting on a DIFFERENT PAIR of latex pants. you love her farts you will never tell her to stop! THIS IS PART 2!

RIPPING FUCKING INCREDIBLE FARTS IN HER NEW BROWN LATEX PANTS!!!  Fennixx in this custom fantasy is mad at you!  she is cleaning and farting so fucking LOUD AND BUBBLY because she has bad gas!  she is embarrassed and wants to be left alone but you have a fart fetish so you refuse to leave.. because these farts are just TOO DAMNED GOOD!  she tells you "my ass is like a crazy monster right now, please leave the room, I don't want you here"  and even tells you to "fuck off!" PART 2!

I told Fennixx to PROVE that she was the GREATEST FARTER IN GIRL FART HISTORY by making a compilation of ONLY HER BEST FARTS IN TIGHT LEGGINGS for an entire week!  well... THIS FUCKING COMP does prove that she is the UNDISPUTED BEST FARTER IN THE WORLD! so fucking long and bubbly.. you WON'T BELIEVE THIS!

In this CUSTOM FANTASY you come around the corner and find your hot girlfriend scrubbing the floor.  next you hear SUPER POWERFUL FART BLASTS coming from her asshole!  these farts are so fucking powerful YOU COULD SEE THE LATEX PANTS MOVE ON SOME OF THEM!!!!  these fuckers sound like they HURT coming out!  she warns you "please go in the other room I am farting like a CRAZY BITCH today and I stink" THIS IS THE FINAL SCENE!!